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What is Dolphin Day?

In an event called "Dolphin Day", Dolphin players go to the Broward courthouse in Fort Lauderdale and give a pep talk to teens who have been charged as juveniles with criminal conduct over the past few years. The players stress the importance of hard work, staying out of trouble, learning from errors and staying motivated on future aspirations.

The main objective of "Dolphin Day" in the court's juvenile division, said Broward Circuit Judge Stacy Ross, is to show the youths that they are on the wrong path and to motivate them to get on the right direction.

Dolphin Day began 10 years ago under Broward Circuit Judge Howard Zeidwig and took place every few months. The last one was six years ago, said his son, Gary Zeidwig, who attended the event. Judge Zeidwig passed away in 2008.

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