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Florida Attorney Reveals How to Win in Court without a Lawyer

There are plenty of lawyers out there who are willing to represent you if you find yourself either being sued or having to sue someone. But do you really need a lawyer?

Gary Zeidwig doesn’t think so, at least not all the time. Zeidwig, an award-winning lawyer, reveals that there are some cases where an individual can move forward pro se, (for oneself) that is, advocating without an attorney and defending or fighting for their rights on their own behalf, and that it’s not only acceptable but relatively safe to do so.

Pro se litigants have been steadily increasing over the past decade. The right of an individual to represent his/her own cause has long been legally permissible, dating back to the birth of our nation and signed into law by our first president, George Washington. (Laws do exist, however, barring certain types of individual representation in order to protect the parties involved.)

“In Florida alone,” Zeidwig cites, “divorce filings, for example, with at least one pro se litigant have increased from 66 percent in 1999 to 73 percent in 2001 and continue to rise.”

Zeidwig, who’s licensed with the federal bar to present cases in the US District Court in Southern Florida, and handles injury and criminal cases, arguing in both jury and non-jury court proceedings, feels so strongly about this that he sat down and wrote a book on just how to proceed in court when representing yourself.

“One statistic asserts that 90 percent of Americans will face a lawsuit at some point in their lives,” Zeidwig points out. “Yes, it’s possible to represent yourself in court, but you need to know specifically what to do in order to be best prepared. For example, how much time you have to file documents and such is rigid — if you miss the deadline, you’re in serious trouble.”

This is what motivated Zeidwig to author “How to Represent Yourself in Court—Winning Big without a Lawyer,” a comprehensive yet easy to understand book outlining how to take immediate steps to protect yourself not only in the courtroom but beforehand, when putting together your case.

“Read it once,” Zeidwig advises, “to get a sense of how the system works. Then, when you are faced with a legal situation, you’ll be able to assess quickly whether it’s one you’ll feel confident handling yourself. And you’ll have a handy guide at your fingertips to make sure you don’t overlook anything important.”

With 90 percent of Americans facing potential lawsuits at least once in their lives, being prepared can mean the difference between winning and losing. Pick up a copy of “How to Represent Yourself in Court—Winning Big without a Lawyer” and let Gary Zeidwig show you how to best prepare yourself in the event you find yourself in court fighting for your rights. Don’t wait until a lawsuit presents itself. By then, it might be too late.

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