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Should you get a Restraining Order?

Restraining orders are issued by courts across the country to protect people from being harassed or threatened by other people. In Florida, statutes briefly state in summation, that any person who is a victim of domestic violence, or someone who has good reason to believe that they are in imminent danger, has the legal standing in the circuit court to file a petition for protection from another individual.

In essence, a restraining order in Florida prohibits a named individual from any action that could likely cause harm to another person. Many times, the person who applies for the restraining order does so out of the fear, or the result of a threat, or because of previous behavior of another individual. The restraining order is an injunction, issued by a judge, and if the party who is named in the restraining order and prohibited from such actions breaks the requirements of the order, he or she can be arrested immediately and will be taken into custody by law enforcement officers.

The person who asks for the restraining order should keep a copy of their order in their possession at all times, and they should notify family, neighbors, employer and close friends the fact that the order is live, and if they see the party near you, they should call the police immediately.

Statistics show that restraining orders have, for most of the cases, been very successful in keeping potentially violent individuals away from the alleged victims. It seems that for many, the restraining order is a wake-up call, and it tends to defuse the situation until the two parties can resolve their issues.

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