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When you hire Gary Zeidwig you’re not only are getting highly experienced,outstanding lawyer but you were making a friend for a lifetime. Gary always has time for you. He probably communicate with you whenever you need him. Listening to you, understanding you and doing a thorough research on the case is his forte. In the court he fights like a tiger and I was really impressed by the time he would spend on collecting details for my case. I saw him going through hundreds of pages of transcripts, hundreds of hours of tapes, just to find a small clue.
— Joshima

I felt like I was walking through the courthouse with Elvis, he knows everyone
— Ross

Gary Zeidwig represented me in a legal matter and did a fabulous job. I was very happy with the way he handled my case. I would say to anyone in any kind of trouble to call Gary Zeidwig, he treated me and represented like I was his family. I referred him to other people and they feel the same way I do
— Robert C.

I am a lawyer but do not regularly handle criminal cases. I referred a case to Mr. Zeidwig and would do so again should any of my clients, family or friends ever have criminal defense needs. Mr. Zeidwig obtained excellent results as the charges were dismissed. He was very responsive when the client had questions both during and after representation.
— Geno

I was very pleased with Gary’s knowledge and service, and will certainly recommend him to others.
— Ayelet

Gary goes the extra mile for his clients. He is well respected by his peers and all members of the legal community in South Florida. I have used Gary’s services on various occasions and I highly recommend him!
— Karen

Simply the best lawyer one can hope to find. Several times I have used his services and have received excellent courtesy and results.
— Wycliffe

Excellent service. Fought hard on my case. Truly a great investment in your future.
— Ashley

Gary helped me with some legal work a few months ago and impressed the hell out of me. He brings a professional attitude and it shows both in his work and in his results. I would definitely recommend him for anyone needing legal work in personal injury cases
— Anthony Z.

Gary is truly an outstanding person and goes above and beyond. What really sets him apart is his ability to connect with people, he’s very loyal and will do whatever it takes to get the job done! He is someone you want on your side-incredible work-ethic, bright, great energy and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
— Ivonne S.

Mr. Gary Zeidwig is one of the most pragmatic and professional problem solver I’ve had the chance to meet. Gary clearly helped us as our Lawyer to make the distinctions required to advance the cases he has handled for us delivering outstanding results. Gary is a talented law officer who not only knows the law but understands the system and knows how to build the right network of support to restore equilibrium in the cases he handles.
— Werner C.

Personal Injury Attorney Gary Zeidwig has been very helpful throughout my entire car accident case. I was rear ended by a lady driving a rental car with no brake fluid. I experienced the worst whiplash and back pain. Gary came as a recommendation from one of my friends as a very quality attorney. He regularly checks up on me to see how I am recovering. He also ALWAYS answers his phone 24/7 for me. He even helped me get my car fixed. Gary was even able to recommend a great physical therapist.
— Ryan J.

Gary is an excellent attorney and all around good person to have on your side. You won’t find many lawyers that go above and beyond for their clients in the way that Gary does. I highly recommend consulting with Gary when making a decision on who to hire for your legal needs.
— Scott W.

Gary represented me in a way like no other. He has excellent knowledge of the judicial system and truly cares for his clients well being..I recommend Gary for any reason you have. If he is unable to handle due to circumstances, he will get you the best attorney that specializes in your particular issue. Anyone who asks me about an excellent attorney. Gary Ziedwig is the answer.
— David D.