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Injured at work? You are entitled to worker’s compensation!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that one in ten construction workers in Florida are injured in some way on average in any given year. Many of these workers face lost wages and earning potential, as well as medical costs and the inability to return to work for long periods of time if ever due to their injuries in the workplace. The bureau estimates that 150,000 laborers and construction workers are seriously injured, and more than 1,000 die on the job every year. Federal safety regulations are not enough to prevent workplace injury and death.

Workers in the construction and labor industries are not the only ones vulnerable to serious workplace injury. Exposure to toxic chemicals and substances in the workplace, including asbestos, lead, black mold and other toxic substances common in a variety of workplaces, cause damage and injury to employees across the country. Defective equipment and products in the workplace cause injury to employees in a wide variety of work environments, not limited to manufacture and construction. Medical costs, lost wages and lost furniture earning potential, pain and suffering, and chronic illness and disabilities result from workplace accidents, injuries, defective products and machinery, and exposure to toxic substances.

If you are injured in the workplace, you are entitled to worker’s compensation. But that’s not all. The property owners of the site of the accident, injury or exposure may be liable for negligence. Employers, contractors and subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, and material suppliers may also be responsible for creating the dangerous or toxic work conditions.

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