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How to prevent Forfeiture

The government can bring an action of forfeiture against a defendant to seize property that was either acquired as the result of a crime, or used to commit a crime. The state or federal government can do this to seize your cash, your bank account, your property such as cars and houses and even your leases.

Protection against unlawful search and seizure is a constitutional right that can help in your defense against the act of forfeiture. If forfeited property was seized from you unlawfully, without probable cause or warrant, you can fight this action and retain your property with the help of a skilled forfeiture attorney.

Having your assets seized by the government is shocking and stressful. Losing a car, a house or your bank account to forfeiture will change your life overnight. If you have been subject to forfeiture, we are ready to help you at The Law Offices of Gary M. Zeidwig. Use our free evaluation form to contact us, or you can send an email at gz@zeidwiglaw.com or give us a call at (954) 523-3993 so we can set up a meeting to go over your case and give you the best advice and representation. Gary Zeidwig is an award-winning trial attorney who has defended numerous clients against criminal charges and has a strong, successful history of effective criminal defense.

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