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What is a divorce and how do I handle it?

Every state applies its own state law when it comes to marriage. The state is charged with coming up with and enforcing the laws that will govern the creation, and, in other cases, dissolution of matrimonial statuses. For certain cases, it can help that the State of Florida has provisions allowing a couple to undertake a relatively simpler and more straightforward divorce process. However, couples must meet certain stipulations before they can be allowed to use the simpler process.

There are several requirements that occur at the moment of starting a dissolution process. Some of these requirements vary depending on the circumstances involved and include conditions such as the age of the children, whether they are independent and/or younger than eighteen, whether the wife is pregnant at the time the couple seeks the divorce, whether there are any adopted dependent children, whether either spouse is seeking support by way of alimony from the other spouse, etc.

The monetary component is of course a key constituent during this process. What is the state of their financial disclosures? Have the parties either filed written and complete financial disclosures or have they both agreed to dispense with the need to file the same?

The couple must unanimously settle the question of division of their assets and liabilities. The couple must demonstrate that having collated the necessary information about their wealth and debts, they may have worked out an amendable arrangement on how to split the same between themselves. This is important because the courts will adopt the settlement scheme that the couple decides on between themselves and will thereafter seek to ensure that the same is enforced.

The terms under which the parties agree to split their property and share their obligations is extremely important. After dissolution is made final by an order of the court, it is binding on the parties and they cannot seek to reopen it through a trial or an appeal. Not all cases require the services of an attorney although many of them do. If you have any concerns or need any clarification, an attorney’s services would be the best way to go. A qualified attorney will determine the best way to act and what your next steps should be. We are ready to help you at The Law Offices of Gary M. Zeidwig. Use our free evaluation form to contact us, or you can send an email at gz@zeidwiglaw.com or give us a call at (954) 523-3993 so we can set up a meeting to go over your case and give you the best advice and representation.

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